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Content Management Website (CMS)


With our Content Management System once your website is set up, you no longer need your website designer at your beck and call. You can add new pages, edit or delete them anytime you want from within your web browser.

Imagine being able to travel abroad for a meeting, log onto the Internet and change or modify the information on your website in seconds and without paying anything for the priviledge.

You may also have a diverse organisation with sections or branches. You can assign editing rights to various members of your organisation. While retaining the overall admin rights to decide what actually gets published on your website.

Our content management system comes with an in-built editor - You don't need to learn any web site design or programming skills, so if you can use MS Word, you can format your documents to appear just the way you want with images, lists, graphs or any other things

As long as you can use a computer you can edit your website anywhere you can get the Internet.

Choose from one of two systems.

Content Management System A

This can either be used to build your website or be integrated into your current website. You don't need any programming or HTML knowledge. Just login and then update your site through your web browser.

We will provide you with software that will convert all your documents ready for upload in minutes.


  • Integrates into your current website or into a site we build for you.
  • You can assign different levels of editorial authority to whichever people you want as editors.
  • Easily Edit or add text and images to any of your pages or page sections
  • Convert your current site to updatable. No need to start from scratch.
  • Special WYSIWYG editor allows you to add headers, titles, style your text, add links, images etc.
  • Includes back up system.
  • Optimises your website pages so they are recognised by Google and other search engines.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Lower cost option

Content Management System B

Open source based Content management system. This is more complex to learn and understand and is not suitable for adapting already built websites.

However if you require a lot of extra features to be added to your site there are thousands of widgets that can be added on.


  • Open source
  • Wide variety of designs available.
  • Easily editable and you can assign different levels of editorial and publishing authority to whichever people you want as editors.
  • Edit from Backend or directly on each page.
  • Article based - so you can archive or restore pages
  • Thousands of free/commercial widgets available that can do anything under the Sun e.g. events manager, weather report, e-commerce stats etc.,

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