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Build Your Own Professional Auction Website

WebitLondon can build an auction website for you with great high quality professional qualities, appearance and Search Engine Optimisation built in. Have a look at the what you will get below.
Prices start from 600 including installation and initial loading. Contact us for a quote

Our Auction websites provide you with the following features:

Admin Area
Our Auction website admin section allows you full control of your auction web-site. From within the admin section you can:-

  • Manage auctions
  • Set fees
  • Manage users
  • Review accountancy
  • Update the site content (about us, contact us pages etc)
  • Customise categories
  • Enable/Disable a wide array of features and settings

Make an offer
Buyers can now make offers on listed items, this feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range they are will to listen offers between.

Combined Invoicing
Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user saving both time and money.

Direct Payment
Buyers can now make payment to sellers for items won on-site through one of the following payment methods:-

Fee Payments
Users incurring fees on your site can make payment to you through one or more of the following merchants.

Wanted Ads
our Auction website software is the first auction software package to include wanted ads. Enable your users to post adverts for items they want! You can also charge fees for posting wanted ads and also for a successful sale.

Media upload
Sellers can upload upto 9 pictures as well as media file (.wmv/.avi) to accompany their listing. As site admin you can impose a fee for the use of this service.

Offer incentives to new and existing users with our new voucher system. Choose to offer reductions as a percentage or a flat rate.

Enable your users to open their very own store on your auction site. Each store owner can pick and choose their own categories from the main selection. You can also setup store subscription packages to attract bulk or Business customers. Store owners can choose whether to list items in their store, for auction or both. A selection of store skins are also included.

Taxation & Accounting
New VAT & Tax control with full admin accounting.

SSL Support
If you have a SSL certificate installed we can integrate our Auction website software to work alongside it.

Private Or Public Site
Choose to run your site as "Private" or "Public". Private ensures only you and your selected users can list items for auction, this feature is ideal for Businesses wanting to auction stock. The public option is the default selection and it's basically like eBay, i.e. everyone can sell & bid.

Preferred Sellers
Give your best sellers special reductions on listing fees.

"Pay As You Go" or Account Mode
Charge fees either on demand (Pay as you go) or allow users to build up an account which they pay off once a month (like eBay). You can set a credit limit, offer a signup credit incentive and even invoice users at any time.

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